Monday, September 5, 2016

S13, a woman in the club

Lights are on
kisses in the corner, each time with a new guy
imagine this, you are far away from my body
I do not crave for yours any more

lights are off
this body of mine moves without me
requesting it to work toward anything
not dance, not an infused sense of self, not pleasure

the glitter-ball spins
this earth spins, the girls around me spin
I shake off sleep
while I am standing still

smoke also rises, I fight it with my hand
with my feet, I do not want to be engulfed
in a fluff of clouds, I've flown too far
I've gained too little

the music is at a race
I am spinning, smoking,
situated in the heart of a buzzing floor
there's smoke around me but at least my insides are not burning.

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