Friday, September 9, 2016


Marred at seventeen, 
she became the daughter of the waves
the shore breathing in and out 
a devotion to water 

those who reap land, give other things
a fire in the belly, a sandbag 
at the feet
a whiff of smoke everywhere 

her house was razed but others were kind
gave her two goggles and a wave
said on your march, ready


Go and do not look back, 
or turn your head for fear you might become 
a pillar of salt for disbelieving 
the ills that fall over Sodom 

but sometimes you learn to do things
to save your life, like  facing a wave
facing water to save the land
like catching a breath without looking back

she took her land in her heart
put on the goggles
then raced
like the roof would tumble on her head
like her feet where turning into pillars of salt 
for not believing.

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