Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mistake this city

This city takes away my privacy
when it asks, with its eyes
the size of trousers I am wearing,
the length of its fabric round my feet

the city takes away my privacy
as I talk, it hears only stutters
half words, repeating rhymes
because it has refused to listen

this city distorts my vision
by asking me to cover my eyes
and walk without need to look
for pits dug in the earth around me

this is a city for those stronger
able to lift another body on their back
carry it and walk along with it
for a lifetime

the city of closed eyes, open legs
that navigate darkness into an alley
an old car parked by the valley

this city, mine,leaves me yelling, give me back my time
give me back this life I had imagined for myself
in a new town.

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