Saturday, April 9, 2016

What about happiness?

Is it an afterthought, or a previous alteration
made to mind the rocks we have somehow
cast deeply around our ankles, spread
on our bare knees

it is a process that goes far,
better than an abstraction or an absolution
but one can repent,
bend your knees, pray for it- ask

it does not take much, for some
to reach a point within where
demanding becomes the sole option
fit for the purposes of the request

to go through, open a door,
heaven began at a word and happiness
begins with a smile;
with one smile you can do so much

start by opening your mouth,
the new exchange of breath takes to what's inside
releasing new breath, the least better oxygen
for your skin tone

after that, say it, repeat: I am well
in my head, in my body-
the same realization will split you
like a bolt of lightening

it will feel like running,
when you drop the week's worth away on the track
before you start to sprint, the rocks
the heavy residue of he boss' talk

this is the core of happiness,
it hits when you least seek it,
taking the tolls of your bare skin
making you open and curve your mouth, in a smile
in a thought, in a cloud to soar
without need for questioning,

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