Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cheating with another name

On the verge of myself, I know-oh
the depth of the feeling of sinking

another synonym to the symphony
a crescendo to an entity

that dictates in my head
a fact I am aware of so well

like renewed skin, wanting
your friend's apple, your sister's dream

you fail to achieve several things at once
because you cannot focus on two

story lines with the same intensity
one will fall like seeds in a crack

to sprout, later not now
later, you will say when the kisses muzzle

on your bare back
like water touching your scars

you can still feel where the knife went
even after the blood stopped, the skin bridged

the thought floods you like a wave
 that was, central to the act

I pick up the book, read
it is not my first this week,
like you, not any close to first confession
of the rite you had called last before repeating yourself.

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