Sunday, July 5, 2015

meeting of bodies

they say that the meeting of souls is 
like the meeting of families
there is a rush to something relevant
airy, and windy

there are soft vein in the toughest bodies
no one thinks when you hug
another that you are accepting everything 
all the living cells, the ones dying 

the ones about to become something or someone 
else. This is how the meeting of souls 
happens, brief and brisk 
you decide to abide by the laws

that everyone resents yet no one 
has stated true. This is what happens 
when my soul meets yours 
there is a hint of the wind
as I embrace your cells
all of you and none of you too

this is how souls meet, a little late 
to the parties surviving 
purring, in a time and
a body undecided by 

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