Wednesday, July 8, 2015

End of days

The world we know will end one day 
it will seize to be, the clouds white and cottony 
the buildings, sucked into earth like dust and thunder 
and all signs of living 

they say the world will end one day 
when land covers seas 
but I know otherwise that the world has already ended
at least for those who do not wait for big signs

let me tell you, it has all ended 
when you can not quench the thirst to life 
it is the end of days
then when you cannot pretend that the things have
indeed stayed the same 
never deviating from the original gaps unfulfilled
the world has ended

specifically when you die of hunger 
whist the fatter cats lick their paws 
from the excessive fat that stays on their 
ends, like the closure of all days. 

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