Saturday, February 14, 2015

We've grown, now

We've grown now
so I can tell
there are new folds in my forehead
there are white lines on your head
instead of bowing, we refuse
to assimilate
like old immigrants in a new book, thirsty for possibilities
we are a new road, sacred

we've grown now,
I know, we stopped buying roses for every occasion
saved the bees the trouble of pollination
we, devoted masters, traded the hearts we drew for cards,
lost letters with burnt out corners to younger lovers
those who smell past the perfume and bellow the braid
enough for euphoria

we've grown now,
I understand- desire replaces love
the fire eats the flesh
the flesh submits itself to the flame
cyclic, round, harsher
we've grown now

we have both grown now,
I have long left my innocent grin
under the pillow for the tooth-fairy
and you have stopped drawing mustaches with a pen
started drawing men without the fear of mustaches
or the folding of extra skin

we've grown now, within
careless to shapes and names
doubtful about wrinkles
on our bare sun-dried skin.

image credits: google search 

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