Saturday, February 7, 2015

Point and Shoot

Too big is this universe
to fit one map, one box, one anagram
or a drawing, a recreation of reality
there's oceans, deep and azure
there's living things, crawlies
birds, humans, all animate
and inanimate, too big is
the whole universe and too small
are our eyes, built with white light
and color, this is how we learn to see
connect black dots with red markers
fill in what we need, with the colors that suit best

this is how I learn to take a picture,
look into the mini dots and connect them
the ladybug on the green lettuce leaf
my sister's golden curls, timid with sunshine
the blob of bubbles our aquarium fish make
simple necessities, I connect the dots with my fingertips

older, time takes me into tunnels
when you focus your eyes into boxes,
holes, and telescopes
the world magnifies
the way the viewfinder seeks the flower
the way Hubble captures Jupiter
the same click a sniper uses when he traces
a young girl as she walks out to school, too close
to a holy mountain
too big is this universe for us,
focus to create it
Just point and shoot.

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