Thursday, September 25, 2014

The art of mimic

I learn the art of living by mimicking
by following what others provide: an intelligent conversation, a look or
a way of life. An easy three step recipe for a dish
it is falling in the cracks that others imprint
a tracing of steps, while I discover a free way to fall
defying gravity on my own-
the key is in looking closely then sniping the bare necessities from the noise
 filter by spinning cobwebs, tight threads- whole houses out of raw patience.
It is the art of life I learn in portions like I learnt the days of the week
Sunday is for laundry then rest
Monday is for work and Thursday for thirst and party, the days into another week
along the ride, what I see becomes part of me
how close a dancer steps,
how tears form, how to break and fix-
long equations, smooth balance.
I have tasted softness on my tongue, like cotton candy
released the harder edges like boulders, whilst watching the world
go, spin in its daze, I create my own place-
for we become what we experience
we are what we see.

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