Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not anything in particular

Grey is not a particular thing by itself
But the result of all spots of shade and light
A mule is not a creature of its own will
But a breed of a jack and a mare
There are some things, and some beings- touchable
Some untouchable
Like air, like pillow-talk
that are not anything in particular
Not definable, deeming or destined to take a form
For themselves into the vanity of other shapes
And other beings
Some thing simply do not fit in the mixture
Of particularities
not puzzling some places are misshapen and some simply lost
others lack care or genuine will, make gaps in their place
the gaps in the jigsaw are the only natural part of its
Resist the blanks and your fall will bruise
resist the color and fear your one-shaded skin
it is not an equation of perfection, the art of making life
A possibility
But it is an effort of understanding,
things that do not fit any particularity
And by this there are entities
Like me
that are nothing in particular
perhaps, a thread of all generics

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