Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Starry conversation

The sun told the moon
'I miss you'
He answered
'come visit me when it's nighttime.
Meet me in the dark'


The cat swallowed 
Half the moon the boy threw out of the window
and gave the beams to her staving kittens.


The half moon played half a song
the half moon talked to half the stars
The other halves 
Beamed jazz in the kitties tummies. 

The full moon rounded,
Like peacocks it cried 
'night's here'

The sun snorted at nighttime, 
it hated the sound of rustling wind 
Meowing cats and angry teenage boys.
The sun despised the cracks of whips 
and the breaking of vases and jars. 


Then when the moon said I want you 
the sun answered: 
You are plain rock 
noisy and hard
And I am bright fire
my surname is the morning star. 

illustration credit: found on a yoga website via google, not mine. 

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