Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Past midnight convo

Me, what do I do at this hour?
Nothing, I am making a different world.
Aren't you done yet?
No. The world still needs active people
But it is late- past the hours of the night sky to turn 
Aqua and charcoal. 
The world still needs people, I say
Like feathers moving up and down
Living,  dying, becoming
What coming?
I said becoming, as in wearing a shade.
Is my pronunciation thick?
Not at all!. You are European, no?
No. I come from the south,
south of the freezing sea.
How about you? Big fella with muscular arms
and pressed white shirt.
Want to call me, pretty boy?
Me, no I'm a bit shy.
Those blue eyes I've seen these, somewhere-
Sorry I didn't catch your name,
Maybe you are a ghost in my head-
A reflection of blue eyes I know 
No. he answers, you didn't get it
My name
because I am a man of mysteries
Like Zorro but I am not Mexican
I don't have a thick accent I am-
Denis, I am from Romania. 
I am made from 40 degrees bellow the ice
Nice to meet you,little Lotte, in the apple shine dress
and the daisies of wonderlands.  He says, Denis the Romanian 

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