Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Morning advice

Here is a list of things I want to tell you
I will not detail these in order, you have to figure
where you stand within my words,
it is a choice

Dear darlin', just listen to me
do not be a feminist, a man-hating
young lady does not lend herself
to the making of bread, the sifting of thyme

because feminists lose shape,
their faces full of wrinkles from too much frowning
darlin', they turn upon themselves
like question-marks

a man needs to feel you are a woman
by the sizzling of chicken, crisp, clean shirts
by the way you dance around him with nothing
but a lacy bra, docile, vulnerable

let me tell you another thing darlin'
you are young, beautiful and adequately
tanned by love, merited by markings
made on your skin, scents of other men

drop your anchor into the sea
there are plenty of fish and a multitude for anchoring space
this is what you are, for the time being
a beautiful face that matches and mixes

with other women, with memories of a summer
in Barcelona where Spanish mixed with sweat
lead him to a pleasant ending
those thoughts of yours

keep them for the time you fold laundry
or when you stare out of the car
with Fairuz crying over the loss of her man, for music
this is a short advice, darlin'
take it or just leave it.

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