Friday, February 12, 2016

A biker's find

How many times can a person express
 a need for fresher bones, not borrowed

only received anew, like new skin,
soft baby body sprouting

a shoot in the wood, a reward
somehow. In the midst of a November

morning they would find it, like anyone else would
ant-ridden, conscious left at the village's entrance

a child wrapped with nothing but the spring of the valley
green, lean and able to breathe

the cause: an exhausted mother from labor
of shame and behind the trees would leave

a life unfolding, blood-soaked, she
would follow a footpath into the forest to weep

what brings this from my memory,
what takes me by shame and grips me at night

other than the biker's find, a changeling
caught between the rock and people's flaming tongues

that this is the shame I took upon myself
not to find, not to lose in labor, not to report

but to call for new bones when around me
children cry because milk ran out.

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