Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the fall from the sky

The sky is blue today
no clouds, when you look above you

you can practically see angels
of all sizes and colors, donned whiter than white clouds

do all angels live up in the sky?

isn't this a naive question
a two year old might pose

the sky is blue today
on the balcony I do not look for angels

rather think of the nemesis
so alive inside of me- the devil

of how he fell, the damage to his
waxed wings, cracking across the clouds

why, why would someone so blessed
reject freedom by joy, death to life by mistakes

maybe the answer would not
be in the belly of the question

maybe it was a problem of big and small;
put it like this, a bigger angel pushes a smaller one
from the sky, because it lacked space
and then, the revolution starts.

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