Saturday, September 26, 2015

Here, there, God

God spare us the devil-
they bang on their chests- louder than the rush of thunder
here, there is no sin, there will never be 
inside the territories termed holy 

Oh God forbid, the exchange of glances 
at the devil's dance- seven veils of silk made for temptation 
sleet onto the eyes, cover them- cover well 
sight of vices and the shedding of blood

they say here is different, it is inside that you 
reach to find God. You reach outside to meet
everyone else, but they once told me 
God is everyone else, everyone he molded to fit 

the descriptions in a different dialect or a shade darker
maybe even lighter for the exchange of milk an honey to survive
but Allah ystor, May God shield the thought of sinning 
they prayed out loud

Someone told me to cover my shoulders
it is disrespectful to God and tempts
I said my body was a temple
for holier works, to glory, to make useful

everything is different here, I know 
people flog themselves dying to reach God 
a God, of all sorts and powers
May he shield us from the devils of those who are abroad
not here, where the sun makes a promise  of glory every mourning


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