Friday, January 9, 2015

Give, without hurting

Mother said I can give without hurting myself
so when my friend fell into the season's first puddle
I gave him my jumper and marched in the rain

later, the smell of food made my colleague hungry
so I split my sandwich
then filled my stomach with rain water to quiet

afterwards, lipstick pens, coins, and time flew
I handed over to my friends some things I didn't have myself
saved them the foul rush of fortune

one day, over coffee I donated
a portion of my heart to a boy
who turned man when I touched him,
boy by shadow-fall, he turned the turnstiles on the future

when I saw the girl who tortured the days
A hug was all I possessed, my  enemy received
on her way to the toilet a wish for happier days

Mother said I can give without hurting
if I knew how to give myself
what I easily lose for others.

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