Monday, December 15, 2014

Hide & Seek

one to three you count
for disappearance, like a pinch of salt into water
dissolve into the walls, 
behind the rust of the barrels 
dissolve into anything
that keeps cover for the sake of fun 
to become everything
this is how the first part is played-
hide well.

Search and research where you least expect
the tree's branches, the dog kennel, 
the room with spare tires 
use the pronouns, up, over and under 
inside the hollows of trees and outside the lines of the clouds 
look carefully, this is how you seek

find and lose, who cares- really
if what you lose is for trivialities 
another way to kill time, scavenging for valuables in rubble
we've hunted at these childhood plays too long
till dusk, till the voices called louder than wolves
but we still care,to find what we lost or hid on purpose

have you looked for me when you last closed your eyes ? 
I have been out in the light for a while
I'm sure you've seen me
If I hide again, will you come seek me?

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