Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter wishes

I want the sunshine in winter,
I know I am asking for much, it may not serve me
I want a wave of warm glow
cracking my cheek like it's a piece of bread, searing .
I want a summer's sun across the clouds.
and I am greedy,  I request daylight , flowers that bud with dawn
and children on the fog-free street corners.

In sunshine, I want to walk with you through the woods
howling with vixen and moss,
with its laughing brooks and blossoms of lilacs
towards the meeting of our feet
towards where you rest to watch my shadow dance

I want the rays to hit your head,
reflect our common ground,
you will see me beyond the covers, peeling
my other skin. My skin can become your blanket,
this way I can wrap you around my finger and pull to pain
you, the loose thread of the chain of light.

I want to follow you,Theseus into the maze
again towards the sun, once more
I want to be the ball of thread and danger that pulls you back
to safety.  I want a clear sun this winter
after the clouds roll in,  too many twigs and sodden leaves
 gather near my window. For minutes, they become flesh and blood
you, or similar the warmth I need, even if these twigs
like the phantom winter sun are a stone's throw across my desk
I want the eye of the sky,
the father of the stones, the mountain where you lie
unhinged by the wind that ruffles your head and blows notes
blows notes and sounds into my deaf left ear. 

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