Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Some say black is the collection of everything colorful
I say leave black to decide which side of the spectrum it falls into

Some go and separate gradation, pigments of  color like they do their vegetables at lunch
the darker the shade, the further away from their precious food
the darker the shade, the lighter is conversation
the darker the shade, the slow-stewing of shame

Some say that days should be lived by the hues at the clouds' belly, grey and white
like soft unborn children. I say one should live by the sun's reflections on every living creature.

Some say the world is better in monochrome
 I stand to wonder what would you learn from a sieve that only broadcasts a roll of movies, plain aimless faces?.

yet some moan that there is not enough in monochrome to stretch and widen like an artist drawing a field of  poppies
the blacker the filter is, the harder it becomes to see,
have they ever felt a night to its core, a beauty in absence?

yet most work around light, because it emits
the energy they are not willing to share
but most forget that light, in its bright whiteness is the negation of other colors.

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