Friday, July 25, 2014

fire breaks

Talc powder puffs in the sunlight
it is warm after a bath
after tucking into a rain of steaming water
a rain of fire and fog
but the gunfire starts, 
starts low into a speedy labor
starts high into little pauses,
She brushes her hair, 
she brushes the roots taking the thoughts out
sprays on her clean,lean hands talc powder
the TV is blasting
she recites a verse
the fire breaks
baby starts to cry
fire breaks
baby grabs a noisy toy
fire breaks over her
baby squeezes life out of the toy
toy wails, screaming for life and fire breaks in
fire breaks out
baby cries again, 
fire breaks and Nina doll lost its left arm
baby cries, fire breaks, she breaks, baby cries,
fire breaks, she doesn't break anymore, baby still cries loudly
then it  all seizes and fire breaks
the silence 

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