Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Land callings

You are at sea,
fluttering between the ocean's breath
and its buttery foam
When the land calls you
You answer it like a feverish dog for milk
Like  puppy who lost his dish
When the mainland calls
You never drown your ships;
for the sail had already began
and the tide had washed away what it could
When the homeland calls you, beacons you
You answer before you both lose voice
Because when the mainland; of nostalgia and hope
of fear and half chipped dreams
grips you like a fearless shark
or wrecks you like algae
You answer.

The mainland has been sending her frequent callings,
It has been lighting the houses for you
but you have been playing deaf,
giving ears to the waves beneath your toes
You have been playing blind
gazing at the northern star.

Picture not mine, found on Google.

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