Friday, February 28, 2014

Untitled poem....

This is an attempt at a new poem untitled and under progress...

They rolled, like oil
Droplets of water danced upon her white flesh
Skidded and swam away
Skidded and swam away
Half of her was stuck in air
The other was submerged
Water was where she was herself:,
A fish, a current, a bubble
She was a bubble.

Dandruff and flakes,
A couple of hairs down the drain—
A couple more, then thoughts rushed with vapor:
Wolverine eyes,
Canine laughs,
These were their weapons
Weapons at her step, phrases, acne or love of books.
Weapons against her friends, her choices, her beliefs.
She was going into the den;
No, she goes into the den, day in — day out
She knows they’d be hungry
She could sharpen her  knifes  but she  never believed in violence-

Violence         Breeds           Violence
     Violence     Breeds       Violence
        Violence   Breeds   Violence
 Answer she’d be looking for, she knew.

Plastic cups and leftover meat
Chilled with the departing rays
The smell of salt in her hair
The smell of too many glasses with olive pegs
Hell just raise that glass again,
Smile. Perfect.

But then to them;
An ape’s was her face,
Awkward untangled  ideals were her morals:
Too proud
Too good at school
Too true and kind
Too nerdy
Too rich

Too many words lose value-
Adjectives, words can be redefined, reshaped and reused
Just like disposable cups
And with the water before her
Words can
Skid and swim away
Skid and swim away
Skid and swim away with the current into the vast ocean

Never seeing the face of the sun again…. 

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